Thursday, March 15, 2012

Limerick Contest 2012

My company is very creative. We have writers, designers, video, audio, artists, programmers, etc. There are often contests that let folks participate in cross culture from their day job. Cooking contests, video contests, etc. Its quite enjoyable. I myself have created several wood creations that are on display that have garnered compliments.

This month, and this week, being St. Patrick's Day, they are again holding a Limerick Contest. I started with one word. Reindexing. Mainly because its one of the words I have reused over and over to describe what I do. Always reindexing. Mainly as a joke, and as a bridge to those that may not actually know what I do on a day to day basis.

So the limerick started with that word. Actually it ended with that word. Which made it interesting to come up with rhymes. Many versions were attempted, and some of those were shared with individuals and the public, prior to the final draft. Here it is without further adieu.

What's a DBA? It's perplexing...
He sure seems busy, it's quite vexing!
He mumbles bizarre phrases.
Stuff like Server Side Traces,
Kill, Schema, Cursors, Reindexing!