Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SQL Saturday Austin 2015

This weekend is the Austin SQL Saturday event. I blogged about it here previously. You can find out more about the event here.

Some of my favorite #SQLFamily will be in attendance. As well as some new members, I hope. As you attend these events, make sure to reach out to the speakers for more information. But not just them, reach out to fellow attendees. Even Volunteers. Even organizers. Basically, reach out to any and all folks that can help you with your career and current problems.

Don't just seek out the like minded folks or those that can help with immediate needs. If you are an Administrator, spend some time talking to a BI person. And vice a versa. Just reach out and talk to them. Hand them a business card (you did remember to bring those didn't you?) and start building your network.

While I am in the area, please come and talk to me. I like talking to people. I have tons of stories to share. I may even be able to help you, or even better, recruit you to help me.

See in Texas.