Friday, November 21, 2014

SQL Saturday Austin

I was thrilled to get the email confirming that I was selected to speak at SQLSaturday #362 on January 31, 2015. 

The last time I was in Austin was 2011 for SQL Saturday 97. My wife and I flew out there and hung out with my Sister and her family while I attended the event. My wife had a great time hanging out in Texas, a first for her. And we both enjoyed the weekend with my sister. 

This time around, I am bringing my 18yr old daughter with me to hang out with my sister. Hopefully she won't corrupt her. She being my sister, and her being my daughter. 

Ever since my oldest came into the world, she has had a special affinity for her aunt, my sister. The two of them share a lot of traits and even resemble each other. Sadly, we have not lived close enough to entertain the togetherness that these two have craved for so many years. But I hope to help with that, this trip.

We will fly out Thursday before the event, and this will give my daughter all Thursday night, all day Friday and Saturday, along with most of the day Sunday to hang out with her doppelganger. I hope they have a blast, get into a ton of trouble and bond over everything they can in the short amount of time we can provide them. 

In the meantime, I will go to the speaker dinner and spend most of Saturday hanging out with my #SQLFamily at the event. The first time I was here, it was my fourth SQL Saturday event. This time it'll be like my 16th or something. I try to hit a few each year, but never more than 5, as it is difficult to justify a quantity more than that with my current situation. I would love the opportunity to go to more. But will work with what I have been given. 

The last event I attend outside my state, i took my son with me, and we made a trip out of it. At the tail end of PASS, my wife came to visit me, and we made a trip out of it as well. Austin will allow me the opportunity to bring my oldest daughter. And the very next weekend will find me in Albuquerque, having driven there with my other child. So, we are making the most out of these events, combining work and family, #sqlfamily and SQL. 

I look for to these events, to sharing my knowledge and experiences, to learning from you, and seeing my #sqlfamily. 

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