Thursday, October 30, 2008

My sons bday

Today was Treyson's 5th bday. He got up early, came in to wake me up, and said, "Dad, wake up, its my birfday. Sing to me!" We all got up, and went downstairs to open up presents. He got a transformers poster, cap gun, speed racer car, lego mini Darth Vader. All things boys would love, and i loved buying some for him.
I went to work, and he went to the store with his mom to buy a Nintendo DS game (Lego Indiana Jones). He was so excited, he had to stop by my work to show it off. About an hour later, i stopped by school to pick him up, and take him to his preschool, like i do every wednesday.
Being his bday, we had extra plans and extra time. We stopped by Big Lots and purchased more guns and toys, his pick. Then we went to McDonalds for lunch. He loves McDonalds, proving that their marketing machine is still effective. After lunch, we went to his preschool, where his class sung to him, and i did a small presentation about him, with a script written by his mom and pictures of Trey as a baby and beyond. Later in the evening, with barely enough sun to light our way, we took off on a hike up the canyon of battle creek to tredge uphill to the beautiful waterfall located not far from the parking area. 45 mintes later, a lot of heavy breathing, some amazing scenes of river, rocks and fallen leaves, we arrived at the waterfall, just as the ambient light was being extinguished for darkess. It was lit enough to enjoy for a few minutes. But no light was left by the time we reached the car, guided by a small LED flashlight, and our hopes of escaping the encroaching darkness.
After our adventure in the outdoors, we went out to eat at the Pizza Factory in Lindon. He loves eating here, and loves the breadsticks. A pizza in the shape of a 5 was his main course. The rest of us anejoyed his excitement, the good food, and the day celebrating the last birthday in our bday season.
On to the rest of the holiday season we advance. Happy that dbay season is over, yet saddened that we no longer get the specific attention the previous season offers us. We love to celebrate our bday day, and surrounding days, and attempt to make it an entire weekend or even week, when possible.
Halloween is knocking on our door and we have yet to decorate for that. Thanksgiving plans are in the works; where will we be? Christmas will sneak up on us soon after turkey day. Thank goodness our Christmas tree is still up in the family room from last year. Having not taken it down, and giving in to laziness will pay off in less time setting it up.
But all that is in the future. Right now, we are still thrilled and excited to have new cap guns, indiana jones games, and toys galore for the 5 yr old boys bday. Lets see how long the excitement lasts... probably all weekend.

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