Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Moab trip

For many years now, we have taken off in October and April with 2 other families and gone camping and motorcycling.  We first started going out on a Saturday only, and spending the day riding.  We then spent a night out there in a borrowed motorhome.  Later, we rented a trailer, and borrowed a trailer.  We increased the number of days periodically, and tried to span the weekend.  Some of the trips were met with some interesting weather.  We have taken pictures of these trips, and have amazing memories of them.  Some of the trips ended in simply cold weather.  Others we got snowed upon.  Others were simple and enjoyable.

On various trips, we had visitors come out and stay with us for the day, and others for multiple days, spending the night.  We always cooked food out there, had camp fires, slept in sleeping bags, played in the dirt, rode bikes, and had a great time.

This October trip was slated to begin a little bit later in the month, and we feared it would be colder.  The last few October trips caused Christy to get colds and bronchitis.  So, this year, we decided to do something different.  We bucked the trend of sleeping in a trailer, camper or motorhome.  We didn't bring the motorcycles.  We didnt camp in the dirt.  Instead, we went to Green River and stayed in a trailer park camping area, in a small cabin with 3 beds.  We still got to cook outside; there is nothing better than breakfast cooked outside on the grill, with the faint smell of a campfire wafting around as i prepare our morning meal.  We travelled back and forth from Green River and Moab, seeing many sights inbetween along the way.  It was a great vacation, and all had a great time.  My wife posted a little story about it, along with some pictures on her blog.  Take a moment to visit her blog and catch up on it.  Then go and visit some of my pics.

We will have to do more trips like this and see the sights of this amazing state we live in.  But i did miss the motorcycles and the dirt.  We need to still do those types of trips as well.  Riding as a family, getting dirty, eating outdoors, no tv, and time to plan what you want to do.  These are the things we live for, these are the winks of life we enjoy between the real life that we lead, most of the time.  This is why we work hard.

And like most vacations, as soon as we are back, all we can think about is figuring out a way to get back there and repeat it.  

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