Saturday, November 08, 2008

Getting ready for PASS - MOO cards arrived

Today, about a week later than i thought they would arrive, my MOO cards arrived. They are very professionaly done and look great. I gathered the family around to look at them, as I put about 20+ different pictures of my mug on them. The kids loved seeing their dad on cards.

After seeing a few other folks get their cards from MOO, i thoought it was a great idea too.

Thanks too SQL Batman, SQL Agentman and the one that started it all, Brent Ozar.

I usually print my own cards for PASS, and they have the little perforrations on them, and the fading ink im too cheap to replace before printing. One year, one of the colors was simply gone, and I was left with teal colored business cards. So, this year things will be different. I'll look professional. At least until you turn them over and see pics of me dirtbiking, boating, etc.

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Brent Ozar said...

They look sharp! Can't wait to trade these.