Friday, November 14, 2008

got another article published

Earlier this week, Peter Ward emailed me and asked if i would be interested in writing an article for SQL-Server-Performance again.  I have gotten into this writing gig, and really enjoy it.  Its different than writing code, or tuning a database.  It gets me to experiment with another creative outlet i do not always use.  But, as you have read on this blog, i am trying to write more, in many different ways.  Just blogging, documenting adventures, career oriented writings, articles, and occasional stories.  So, when i was pushed by Peter, i grabbed my handy dandy list of topic ideas, and picked one and started going to town on it.  For me, the easiest way to finish a story, is to get it in my head and start writing it.  Then it nags at me, until complete.  This article took a couple days to create and then to proof read and send off.  The story has always been there, lurking in the shadows.  I just had to shine a light on it, and give it clarity and a voice.  Its from my own experience, and i could easily remember it, and apply new ideas too it.  At work, i am getting ready to implement this idea again.  So, it was two pronged in its goals.  To document what i did once upon a time, and refresh my memory of it to implement again.

Read the article here.  But only, as one FaceBook friend mentioned, if you have to deal with multi-million row tables, will you find it interesting.  

Thanks to Peter for keeping me in his thoughts and prompting me to continue writing.  Having someone else, outside yourself, push you, is a great way to accomplish your goals.  I'm sure he doesnt realize it, but he is helping me out, as i help him with an article from time to time.
Thanks to Andy Warren for prompting me via his blogs to start writing as a creative outlet and career boost.  

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