Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#PASS Day 1

I arrived in Seattle on Sunday night, in preparation for the PASS Summit.  The next day, i got up, attended to some work, went off of on-call duties, and had a chance to catch up with some PASS folks.  We had a good time catching up, seeing some sights, and talking databases.  There was a fair amount of teasing and twittering, and photos were taken as well.  Its always nice to catch up with some folks from past summits, and Social Networking this past year.

Monday night, we attended a Volunteer party that Pat Wright and the volunteer committe put on.  It's always such a great thing to meet up with the volunteers, rub shoulders with the Board of Directors and other members of PASS.  It's also fun to hang out and get free food and play.  (the next day we always learn how much it really cost), but today its free.  We gathered at the convention center and walked what i thought would be 8 blocks, but uphill, it seemed like a lot more.  We got to the bowling alley and after the mad rush for shoes, we went downstairs to an area set apart just for us.  The music was loud, the blowing was  loud, and the people were loud.  The snack were great, the blowling only as good as i could bowl with my sore shoulder.  Great time were had.  I bowled 3 strikes, and 3 gutters.  I even got a couple spare's , but one was when i took over the guy before me's spot.  I got to bowl twice in a row that set... hehe.
Lots of people came and went.  I had conversations with a ton of people, and even got a hug.  The night was a blast.  I made friends with @peschkaj  as we were some of the few that didnt drink that night.  

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