Wednesday, December 24, 2008

16 random thoughts and things...

I originally saw a similar post on a Friend's Facebook, and wanted to join in. I posted my results onto my Facebook, and now copy it here for others to read.

Even though it is not a SQL Blog, or related to IT, or even remotely linked to any of my hobbies or family life, I felt that from time to time, its nice to look behind the curtain of people's lives and see them for people, just like you and me.

When I posted this to Facebook, I also tagged people to do the same. In turn, they have done so and I have learned a lot about some of the folks that I follow on the intertubes.

If you read this and decide to post one similar, add a comment with a link to your rendition, so we can learn about you.


Rules: Once you've been tagged, you're supposed to create a note about yourself with 16 random thoughts, facts, goals, interesting things about yourself and tag 16 or more of your friends (including the person who tagged you). If you've been tagged, it's because someone wants to learn more about you!

1. I have lived in areas that have suffered from earthquakes (California, Utah, Argentina) but have never felt one myself. All areas i have lived in, have had earthquakes when I wasn't there.

2. I have never eaten a hotdog from a gas station.

3. I grew and wore a beard after getting married for 10 years. Shaved it on a whim, and freaked out my entire family. My children cried that they didnt know who i was.

4. During college, during a computer science hardware course, i successfully burnt up a resistor. I was told i shouldnt have been able to do that.

5. I have been slalom waterskiing for 20 years.

6. I grew up with a dislike for Cheesecake. Having tried it once in college on a date (my date made it for me), and I found it to be not that bad. However, since i had lived so long disliking it, I chose to revert to disliking it and have never had another piece since.

7. I dated a girl from South Africa for a short while.

8. One of my best friends dated and married a girl I dated and went out with for a time.

9. I have fractured my sturnum, and broke my arm, ankle and wrist.

10. I am an avid reader. It started with my parents paying my 25 cents to read a book. Once i got into the habit, they stopped paying me, but i didnt stop reading.

11. All my hobbies have a need for speed. Waterskiing, snowskiing, dirtbiking, racquetball, woodworking.

12. My first name is Todd

13. I will create things with Polymer Clay often. Christmas ornaments, gifts for neighbors, snowmen representing our family for Christmas, earings and pendants, and many other objects as the creative mood hits.

14. I have a great spacial sense and memory. I can revisit a place i was in many years prior and recall it.

15. I love cheese. All forms, all states, all kinds. If a meal is missing anything, its probably cheese.

16. I have read my spanish scriptures daily since serving a mission for my church in 88-90. Having been told by the prophet at that time that if we continue to read the scriptures in our learned language, we'd never loose it. And i consider myself fluent in Spanish, but out of practice. Given the opportunity to speak, i can get back into it easily.

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