Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Twitter : what do i use?

What tools have i used to better grasp value from my Twitter experience?  Let me share them with ya.

Tools to Tweet from

Web : http://www.Twitter.com  

I used this for the first part of my Twitter life.  Became a pain to always be refreshing it. Still use the web when i need short sweet tweets, sitting with my laptop somewhere, in a conference, etc. But I have moved beyond this tool to others.


PC : TweetDeck, Twhirl

Both these apps have their good and bad points.  

I tried Tweetdeck first.  Love that it notifies me when tweets come in.  Love that it has multiple groups, columns of data, etc. Do not like the black background.

I tried Twhirl when I changed my password and Tweetdeck simply stopped working, with no way to alter the password.  Twhirl has an interesting transparency feature when you are not active on the app.  It also keeps good track of where i was reading, which tweets have been read.  It colors them well too, so i can visually see responses, direct messages, etc.  

I have both these tools installed in multiple machines, and use them both interchangebly.


Mobile : Twitterberry, Twibble, Blackbird, TinyTwitter.

Twitterberry : by far my favorite app so far for my Blackberry phone.  It has a clean crips interface. Links work well. Refreshes occur easily. Upgraded versions, and love new version even more. I can set the start screen up, and always goto friends timelines first.

Twibble, i struggled to like.  It started on friends timeline, so i liked that.  But tweeting needed to traverse through a few menus to find it.  Hotkeys were nice, except i didnt use them all, and would inadvertantly hit one and end up somewhere i had never been before.  When i altered the interface colors, i started liking it, since it was previously dark and black, and ugly, in my opinion.  The new color scheme is nicer to me.  But i still dont like it better than twitterberry.

TinyTwitter: someone suggested this app, so i downloaded it and tried it out.  I am simply waiting to remember to remove it from my phone.  Enough said.




Web based productivity or reporting tools




this is a fun site, and i suggest you visit it often to see how you are doing and using the tool of Twitter.  This has information about when you tweet most, during the day, and what day of the week.  What tools you have used to tweet from. Who you have replied too most often.

The charts are neat to look at and colored well.  A very informative site on your use of Twitter.


Twitmarks - Mark your gender


This website lets you put in a username, and it tries to guess whether you are male or female.  Not much use beyond the fun factor. But when someone tries your name, and it comes back 64% chance you are a female, you take notice and try to up your 'man' score.  Thanks to watching 24 one night, i am up to 99% male.  whew!



Super powerful to search all of the Twitterverse.  Put in words here, or #tags to find topics.  I grew up in a small town in California, and put that name into the search screen. Tehachapi. I was amazed at the people talking about my hometown. 

Expand this search capabilities to your minds limitations.  Amazing things can come from searching out whats been tweeted.

Twitter blog


Take some time to read through some other peoples thoughts on Twitter here.  Interesting stuff. 


Tweet Take


Back Up your Twitterings!


Tweet Scan


This let me download my tweets.  Better than Tweettake  did.  But i did have to supply my password.


Mr Twitter


A great little tool that analyzes your tweets, connections, etc.  Gives you a report of prople you should be following and other influential folks.



This is the list i could find off the top of my head, and from my browser history.  I am sure there are more out there.  Add them to the comments section and we'll see how big of a list we can provide to folks.




Christy said...

wow. cool. :) love you!

Damon Clark said...

Got to check out http://www.monitter.com

j strate said...

Good list of resources. Thanks!