Thursday, August 27, 2009

a Bus drove through my neighborhood. Really! THROUGH it!

Not SQL related. But ME related.

I came home from work yesterday, and noticed the neighbors at the end of the cul-de-sac were all standing around a hole in their fence. I don't remember there being a hole in the fence... Beyond the hole, I could see bits and pieces of wood. Seems odd that they would be tearing out a small section of fence and replacing it with vinyl. So I wandered over, and met another neighbor along the way. Asking him what happened, he smilingly teased me with various options that could have occurred, slowly revealing the story as we approached the carnage. Into my neighbors back yard we walked, noticing a trail of destruction. Grass was chewed up, bits of concrete and old fence wood littered the area as we traversed the backyard. People were milling about, as if they had all become afternoon construction workers. Stuff was everywhere. Piles had started to form and I could only slightly make out what had occurred. Apparently, a bus crashed through my neighbors' yards in our cul-de-sac earlier in the afternoon. The driver had finished dropping off kids, made a wrong turn, and then, well, we don't actually know why, but went into my neighbors yard, thru their fence, down their hill, taking out their obviously offensive shed minding its business in the corner of their property. After dealing with the shed, the bus decided it hated the fence on the back of this neighbors property, and went thru it. Now it had more area to hate, and proceeded to hate a couple trees, and the corner of that property behind my neighbors. Was the hating bus done? No! It saw another fence that it hated, and killed it too. There, it stopped hating, and sat on its haunches, waiting to be pulled out of its newly acquired parking spot. The driver exited and entered the bus a number of times, and no one knows yet why this bus or its driver apparently hated all these fences.

Here's the local news report.

No children were on the bus. No children were playing in any of the 3 yards where the hating bus traversed its seeds of destruction. No one was hurt. Just stuff.

We were blessed.

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