Monday, October 19, 2009

my SSWUG vConference Schedule

I got an email today detailing the schedule of SSWUG. I quickly went over there to see when I am presenting. Even though I am done with my part of the recorded presentation, I still get nervous about it being aired. Worry overtakes me that it will be good, that it wont stink, that it will be helpful. It does help to have recently heard from someone via email that they had recently watched me present some topic about auditing. It turned out to be at the last SSWUG conference, and the person relating it, had recently watched it at their office. That was a huge ego boost.
In any event, its only a couple days away. If you would like to see the schedule, click here. I present on the 21st and 22nd at 9am and 10am. Right there in the morning, right after each other, and bam, im done. I so look forward to being part of the forums and talking with folks, as the presentation is going on. I also look forward to the sure to be entertaining hijinks that will occur in some of the forums, and sponsor booths. Last time, quite the time was had by the SQL Community folks. (as a side note, i had an idea, and googled 'SQL Community' images. Keep traversing through them, and on page 7 you see me. wild. Others show up that I recognize as well).

So, here are the sessions
10/21/2009 9:00Professional Development / Social Networking
10/21/2009 10:00On Call Duties
10/22/2009 9:00SQL Server Logical Query Processing
10/22/2009 10:00Database Change Process

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