Saturday, October 31, 2009

SQLPASS 2009 Schedule

As I have been thinking and planning, and hoping to capture all the various events I will be attending during the SQL PASS Summit in Seattle starting soon.
This is mainly for me, so I can reference it when i get confused or lost or sidetracked. It will also serve as a cheatsheet for those playing Twitter Bingo to more easily find me.

Before the whole Twitter Bingo thing took off, I tried to come up with my own similar idea. I fell short. But what I did do was purchase a few items to give away to the first 3 folks that find me that I do not know currently. I thought long and hard about what to give away. Something of value to the recipient, yet indicative of the local where I reside. A bunch of different items came to mind, but i ended up purchasing some simple items to hand out to those winners.



Virtual Chapter breakout 900pm - 1100am Room 208
Chapter meeting 1100pm - 1230am Room 208
Networking Seminar 430pm - 630pm
Welcome reception 630pm - 800pm
SSC party 800pm -


Regional Mentor meeting 100pm - 300pm
Ambassador for PASS 130pm - 600pm
SQL Sentry Party 900pm - 1200am


Quest breakfast 700am - 830am
MS Appreciation 700pm - 1000pm


Chapter Lunch 1200pm - 100pm Hall 4B
Red-Gate dinner 730pm -

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