Thursday, October 01, 2009

SSWUG October 2009

I recently had the distinct privilege and honor to return to Tucson, Arizona to record 4 sessions for the upcoming virtual conference. This is my second time, and i loved it even more than the first time. This time around, I knew what to expect, and was more at ease. I was able to prepare 3 new presentations and 1 I had had presented previously in User Groups and at work. I spent a fair amount of time preparing these presentations, and worried about how to best present these topics. Knowing that the presentations are combined with forums and the attendees get the opportunity to speak about the topics amongst themselves and the presentor, helped me try to interact more with the audience than the first time thru. I hope that I was able to accomplish this, and bring the audience more into the presentation and forums. Speaking to an audience is always, for me, a scary proposition. Someone once told me that I do it well. This was a long time ago, I was young, and it was at church. I believed them, and have tried to improve this ability over time. I do enjoy it, and its such a learning experience for me, that I am selfish in pursuing it.
The presentations I chose were, SQL Query Processing, On Call Duties, Release Process and Professional Development and Social Networking. The first presentation is a book report about chapter 1 of Itzik Ben Gan's book on SQL Server 2005. Each time i present this, I remember all the things I learned and forgot and relearned. On Call Duties brings to light the tasks we should think about and prepare for if this task lands in our lap. There are many things that can be prepared and practiced to make yourself more ready to perform these duties. Release Processes have been around in each company I've been at. Each company dealt with these in different ways, and I hope to share these ideas with you thru this presentation. The last topic is near and dear to our hearts as we have all embarked on this new fangled social networking fad, but i attempt to show that this is just a new way to do an old trick.

There is a code that can be used to sign up for the vConference that will get you a discount. If you have not attended this conference before, you should really check it out. Being able to sit at your own desk, and participate in a well organized conference is a great boon to your career development. Being able to join in on the forums with other attendees as well as the presentor allows you the chance to interact with folks as well as you do in a physical conference. There are many sessions available, and unlinke a physical conference, most are re-presented if you could not make an earlier session. Check it out. Learn, interact, grow!

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