Thursday, February 25, 2010

sqlPerspectives guest blogger

Last week, I got a unique opportunity handed to me by Chris Shaw (blog|twitter). He allowed me to review a section of the Deep Dives MVP book that most of you have heard so much press for recently. This was a great chance for me to read from the experts and comment on their writings and insights. As we all know, we are the community. We are the lifeblood of this great SQL Family of folks trying to help others as well as ourselves. We are writing, we are mentoring, we are training, we are working with SQL Server. My first thought was who am I to actually comment on something like this, but that is the Evil TJay that is always trying to beat me down, and bruise my ego. Luckily the Good TJay won out that day, and I agreed to read and comment on a section.
I took this as seriously as my first book report way back in the day. I read it all, and reread it, and as I wrote my comments, read it again. I really wanted to be accurate, through in my perspective, even a story or two from my own experience. In an effort to become a better writer myself, this is exactly the type of thing that I relish. So, thanks go to Chris for allowing me to comment. Thanks to Jeremey Lowell as well for assisting with this small endeavor. People I have never met, giving me the opportunity to grow, what a great community we exist in.

Anyway, without any more flowery language and metaphors, I present the tweet I saw this morning, with the link to the guest blog I produced. I hope that someone enjoys it as much as I did preparing for it, and executing it.

DataRealized Blog: @tjaybelt is the sqlPerspectives guest blogger this week! #SQLServer #SQL #SQLBlog #microsoft

I hope to do more, grow more, learn more. You are all part of this experience of mine, and hopefully I am part of yours on occasion.

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