Thursday, October 21, 2010

SSWUG presentations October 2010 - LIVE!!

I actaully am sitting in the Bits on the Wire studios at this very moment, gearing up to present 3 sessinos. I will be speaking about GoldenGate SQL Server Replication Configuration, Database Switch preparedness, Profile and Trace.

I am always honored to be selected to present in this virtual conference and love to do it. It kicks me in the butt to get some topics prepared, and then to get them polished to the point that they may make sense to others. I simcerely hope that my knowledge can be shared with others thru these presentations and help others out there that are struggling with similar items that I work with daily.

I sit here writing notes on paper, to ensure that I actually cover everything I want too. Its tough to get all the information distilled, then ensure that its actually covered.

Just wanted to say some of these things to the blog and document it. So, when i am at home sometime, preparing a presentation, i can recall these excited moments just prior to going live.

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