Wednesday, May 04, 2011

running, working out

If you are like me, you may have noticed that you are not getting any younger. In an effort to further my existence here on planet earth, and ensure that I have time to attempt to understand all that Paul Randal says on a daily basis, I need a lot more time ahead of me. A lot of time. In order to ensure that I stick around, one thing I can do is watch my health. Inclusive of many other things I can do, working out is high on my list. It used to not be, and in the past few years has increased in its priority. Due in no small part to the constant reminder of a great influence on my life that is embodied in the person we all know as Steve Jones. Seeing his constant reminder of what he has done on a daily basis for his health has propelled me forward when I really didnt feel like it to do my own exercise. Not to keep up. Not to compete. Simply his shining example has fortified my resolve, allowing me the extra added boost on more than one occasion to go that extra mile and get off my butt and do something. It is so appreciated and I find it a daily reminder to get up and do something active. Thanks Steve.

It is at this point that if you live in Colorado, near some horses, and answer to the name Steve Jones, you should stop reading this blog post.

Thanks for reading thus far, but seriously, this is for everyone else now.

Ok, I think he's gone. If you fall outside of the above criteria, and have found yourself influenced by Steve to go a little more, dig a little deeper, I'm interested in hearing your tale. Email me at with your story or words of thanks or whatever. This is an idea in the inception only and I simply want to do something to say thanks back to him for his influence. Especially as he approaches the landmark goal of 1000 sequential days of running.

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