Monday, November 07, 2011

Meme Monday: SQL Family

Tom LaRock’s (blog|twitter) question this month: What does #sqlfamily mean to me?

When I think of Family, I think of my parents, my brothers and sister. I think back to the beginning when I was younger and we all hung out together. I remember the fun things we did together. I recall the times that they helped me or that I helped them. I know that there were bad times. But i also know and remember the good times. If I haven't seen my brother for years, when I do, it always begins with an embrace, a recounting of stories, a telling of my current history. We recall the good things. And push out the bad things, because after all, we are all Family. That trumps all. Family.

Now as I think about my #SQLFamily, I think the same things. Some of the members of this family have been around for a long time and there is a long history of good memories to draw from. Let's recount those. Let's relish in those. Let's repeat those by helping each other out when we need it most. When I wonder around the virtual house we all inhabit late at night, worried about something, I know that one of my brothers or sisters will be there, they will see my hurt, and they will ask what they can do to help out. Just like my family would do. When I meet a member of my #SQLFamily virtually for months or even years in the intertubes we occupy, our relationship can still be formed and solidified even though no physical presence between us exists. But on that fateful day when we actually meet, you can bet there will be a joyous embracing and retelling of stories that made us a better person for having interacted. I can recall almost each and every instance when I finally met a member of my extended #SQLFamily for the first time, and felt that tug of kinship, that knowingness of shared experiences, that pull of another family member you have forged a relationship with. I can feel that urge to help and be helped and better ourselves through our interactions.

Just like a family that loves each other, regardless of the goings on, regardless of the silliness we all experience from time to time, our Family and #SQLFamily will always be there for us. We will be there for them. And they for us. Always.

This is what Family means to me. This is what #SQLFamily means to me.

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