Friday, November 02, 2012

Tips for SQLPASS summit 2012

I haven't blogged much about this upcoming event. Having attended it for many years, it has become part of the background noise that is my life and I have successfully attended it enough to be able to almost do it in my sleep. Along the way there have been some tricks and tips that have made my experience all that much better. I share these with you now, in the hopes that you can too learn from them and use what you feel necessarily fits into your plans and packing.

tip #1
Bring some clothes to workout in. Then you'll have them, and have few excuses to get your sweat on

tip #2
Bring a couple powerstrips and charging cords. Some for your hotel. Some to schlep with so you can get your power on

tip #3
Bring an unbrella. A small one. Hide it in your bag so you dont get made fun of. Use it to keep your dry on

tip #4
Bring business cards. share these with folks. Get their cards. Make some friends. Get your friendzone on

tip #5
Bring sunglasses. you may spend sometime outside. not much. in case there is sun, you'll want these to
get your shade on

tip #6
Bring enough clothes to cover you properly every day, but not too many to weigh you down. Get your apparel on

tip #7
Bring snacks. Your favorites. Just a few. It'll help on the plane, between sessions. Make sure you dont get your hunger on

tip #8
Bring good shoes and socks. You may spend a lot of time sitting, but the walking part will still happen. Get your walk on

tip #9
Bring your smile. It may be tough after a few days to keep it on. But its worth it. Be happy. Make friends. Get your smile on

tip #10
Bring your brain. defrag it, clean it up, make room for lurning. you will have so many chances to get your lurn on

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