Friday, January 04, 2013

My tips on getting organized

I like to think that I am an organized person. But, sometimes, I must admit that I am not. Even though I have several tricks that help me get organized on some aspects of my life, I often fail to use those same tactics in other areas of my life.

Recently, a friend posted something online about getting organized. I agreed with her on her status, but did little to help the effort. I then realized that I should write more, and actually help, instead of simply agree, like I was the world's bese organizer and had it all going on. So I added a little bit more. She mentioned that the advice I gave was really helpful and that she was going to try it out. I felt good. I patted myself on the back. I was done.

Then a couple days later, I was at work, staring at my computer desktop, which has been a mess since, well, about a week after I started this job. Its one of those tasks I simply 'will get too soon'. And have never done so. Simple. Clean up your desktop. Make it useful again.

So, I sat back, having just received kudos on a job well done on organization prowess, and realize I should apply the same techniques described to my own life. Minutes later, I had put away items that had lived on my desktop for over a year. I removed duplicate items. I stored items where they should properly go. I regained control over something simple in my life that had become a burden. In mere minutes. Simple. But I hadnt applied those techniques in this area, and I hang my head in shame.

Now I share with you those simple steps I applied.

Do a small are at a time.
Take a box with you, large enough to hold everything in the offending area.
Put everything into the box. Everything.
Take the box elsewhere. sit down and go thru it.
  Do this while on the floor watching tv so you arent paying close attention to what you are sorting.
The things that are worth keeping will be put into a pile.
Most likely you will have a pile of things that need to be relocated to other areas. This is ok.
And you should have a pile for the trash. Put all the trash into the trash. Do not sort it again.
Do not sort any of the piles again.
  Keep, Relocate, Trash.
Then put things back where they have been sorted to go.
If items still wont fit, repeat.
If you pause while stuff is still unsorted, thats ok. Wait until you have time. But keep it in the unsorted box until you have time to properly sort it.
Do not redeposit it back where you got it.
Then move onto another area. Maybe on another day.

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