Monday, September 23, 2013

Thoughts about the SQL PASS Board of Directors Voting 2013

Volunteering is a special kind of madness that many humans suffer. They continue to give of their time to volunteer to perform tasks and duties that they would normally not do. All this in the valiant effort to make their sphere of the world a little better by their wake of work. Some humans continue to do this over and over, with little recompense. Still others rise above the rest and want to stand out as targets. Often they promote themselves or become elected to be these targets, and  while ofttimes tripling or more their volunteer efforts, continue to give and give and give. These are they that run for the board of directors for almost any organization. They will stand out, at the head of this organization, make decisions that will be possibly helpful or hurtful to the organization as a whole or even individuals. They will continue to move forward working, doing, deciding and so on, until they are either done, get kicked out, or their terms expire. All the while, they are doing what the rest of us may be afraid to do; to work hard, in the face of obstinate obstacles, trying their darnedest to do a good/great job and leave behind them a better organization than when they entered.
I must believe that they all want the best, and they all try to do the best of their abilities, and they do what most of the population of the group would rather not do, the hard stuff, the difficult decisions, the long nights, the excessive back and forth discussions attempting to create a better place than yesterday. I must believe they do this. For the betterment of all, including themselves.

So, go and figure out who among the slate of this years volunteers you want out front doing the jobs that you don't want to do, and lets get behind them, let's support them, let's buoy them up when they need it, and even when they don't. Let's get behind them and help them help us be a better organization.

And remember, we'll do this again in a few years, when a new batch comes along, with a new set of ideas and goals, and the ones that are volunteering now have all but spent their last breath of energy trying, and trying to improve this place we all call PASS.

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