Friday, November 14, 2008

#PASS Board of Director Candidates - Part 2 : Challenge

Earlier today I posted a summary of the candidates, and how they have affected my life. This was meant to be taken lightly and with a bit of tongue and cheek. I had fun writing it, and trying to pin down the details of their interactions with me. We still don't know what they all believe or want. Some have posted on their own blogs info about themselves and their hopes and aspirations for the board.

Here are some of the responses.

  • Andy Warren
  • Douglas McDowell
  • Louis Davidson
  • Lynda Rab
  • Pat Wright
  • Thomas LaRock

  • Another PASS member, Brent Ozar, suggested that we question these candidate more specifically to determine their positions on critical issues facing our nation - the DBA Nation.

    So, this is a call to each candidate to post their positions

    CLR in the database




    Backup and Restore best practices

    Excel sprawl in the BI realm

    SQL Server Cloud and the future of the DBA

    Social Networking and the DBA

    Cursors, are they truly evil?


    SQL Community

    and last but not least, I challenge each to answer Chris Shaw's SQL Quiz challenge

    And if others want to add items to this list, please add them to the comments.



    Pat Wright responded here. And i have to say he took the challenge, rose above it, and still noted his position on issues that affect us as PASS members, mainly community. I like the response. Thanks Pat.

    Lous Davidson resonded here. I love this response. He too the challenge to answer the silly questions, but dug deep on the important ones. Way to go!!


    Anonymous said...

    We need to know their stand on interspecies marriage and favorite beer.

    Brent Ozar said...

    For readers who haven't grasped my humor yet, my list of "critical issue" topics was a joke - a chance for the PASS Board candidates to show some humor. I know the PASS Board has nothing to do with things like CLR in the database. Funny, ha ha. :-D

    tjaybelt said...

    yup, i got it, and have enjoyed the responses so far of the wanna be board members