Tuesday, August 17, 2021

T-SQL Tuesday #141: Work/Life Balance? - Wrap up

As the challenge was accepted by many folks, I tried to keep track of their thoughts and make my own notes. I really enjoyed watching everyone attempt to tackle this topic and inspire others while sharing their own experiences, hopes, dreams, attempts, and so on. 

Each blog that I experienced felt like the authors really sat down and tried to outpour their souls. I can only assume, in an effort to help others along their own path with these folks' experiences. 

Here is what I pulled from each of your posts. 

I feel like I should revisit these posts and reread them from time to time, to see if I have implemented any of these ideas myself, but more importantly to revisit how I am doing now, or then, as things will change and my efforts toward achieving balance will most likely need to change as well over time. 


 Rob Farley his attempts in finding relevant quests to achieve work life blance thru activities he enjoyes or wants to enjoy. Mainly finding a distraction from current engagements to satisfy.



 James McGillivray also notes that its about balance. Realizing life needs you to not give 110%, taking control, self introspection to course correct.



 Tom shows us time spent in various activities, work and personal life. And stresses that we need to manage expectations, get enough sleep and take time off.



 Brent Ozar makes a joke about using JIRA to track your homelife. But in all reality realizes that what is tracked can be understood and altered and made good. (my words). And gives practical advice to implement these ideas.



 Gethyn teaches us that people dont know when to stop. Simply working from home is not the balance we seek. And then offers concrete rules that have helped.



 Kevin used to work from home and was able to help coworkers do so when Covid hit. As well as organize a virtual event. It is important to realize that others can help us out. REach out.



 Cathrine entertains us with her list of nopes and yeps. With real life examples that have helped, and may help us. 



 Jeff has had experience already working from home and luckily has a strong enough marriage to allow them both to be at home. And then answers my questions with real world answers that helped. 



 Aaron shares absolute rules to follow that have helped. I love the idea of making up time to the family spent on after hours work. What a nice example to flip the script.



 John also believes that the outdoors is key in affecting this balance and provides rules that have helped achieve this balance. 



 Dale engages the frace 'forcing function' to let things enfore the rules to provide balance. I have to do X to do Y so I must step away from work now. 



 Camila has learned to listen to the body and mind and seek a comfort between work and personal. Acknowledging the idisyncracies of ones own mind and the impact this has on tasks and plans. 



 Chad seeks to find success while working from home. Replacing moments with new tasks like naps and walking the dog. At home or the office. 



 Deepthi acknowledges that guilt and pressure that leads to stress. Instead, make little changes in life to your schedule. And uses one of my favorites phrases, findging happiness. I say, Find Your Happy. 



 Travis details rules that have helped. Setting up rules that provide boundries, then mental breaks and stress relief, remembering to ask for help, and leave bad situations. 






 Chris reflects on how fast life moves and kids and family change quickly. Controlling what you can manage and letting go has helped. 



 Jess reflects on how the pandemic has shifted work and commutes and things. Having a hard stop or other activity helps stop the work day. Exercise and support from others has really helped.



 Ken learned that timings are not immutable and giving in to ebb and flow, can lead to the balance one seeks. 






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