Saturday, October 25, 2008

found my blog again

I set this blog up when it was still owned by Never posted to it beyond the first day. When it was taken over by google, i was unable to use it, and created a couple other blogs instead, and have been posting there. Some are on my Windows Live Space site, others on a hobby blog site. I tried to document our family adventures on the Live Space, and my hobbies (motorcycling, racquetball, etc) on the hobby site (

Well, in an effort to make a standard identity on the web and market my brand better, im consolidating them here under this blog, and getting this one going.

I may bring over the posts from the others to this one. I may simply point to them. It really doesnt matter at this point. And its my blog, so i will have to decide what to publish here.

As I am getting ready to goto PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) Summit in november, i was getting some business cards ready, and realized that i was kinda scattered on the web, and needed to clean it up. Luckily, i thought about searching my past emails, and found the account that had this blog hung up on it. So i logged in, and conolidated them.

I also created a couple blogs for my kids, and hosted them under my google/blogspot account. As they get older (its birthday season here in our home) i want them to be able to use the internet as a medium to communicate with family and friends. What better way than to get them an email account, google account, and a blog address. Happy birthday kids.

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