Sunday, October 26, 2008

kids are amazing

Our first two daughters pregnancies and births were fairly easy. Our last child, my son, was a bit more difficult. After a bit of time, we realized that he had some problems with his hearing and wasn't reacting like the other two kids did. At first we thought that this was because he was a boy. Turns out he needed tubes in his ears and was delayed developmentally.

Well, fast forward a few years and a lot of extra classes and time spent with him by his wonderful mom, he has caught up with other kids his age.

I just got to sit and watch him and his church class perform in front of the other primary kids. He did an awesome job and participates and communicates and its just so great to see him being a normal boy. I recall the frustration and awkwardness he had previously. Its just so neat to see them grow up and become their own confident real humans.

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Nisa said...

We love you Trey!