Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Copy Paste goofed in Remote Desktop

Have you ever been remoted into a server, and your copy/paste seems to be dead?  
Not within the Remote Server itself, from from Remote to local.  This seems to occur to me ofttimes and i am unable to copy and paste things between the sessions.  This can be very aggravating when i am attempting to do certain operations. 

Someone at my company (Cybersource), informed us of a process that can be used to fix this issue.
In a command prompt, you can do the following.
    taskkill /F /IM rdpclip.exe /fi "USERNAME eq TBELT" && start rdpclip.exe

Each time i needed to execute this, i had to look it up, and copy it to the remote server.  Wait, i can't copy it... thats why i am having to do this.  So i would bring it up in notepad on my local machine, then retype it.  I hope i can hear you growning at this point, because senseless use of the keyboard is a hugely prohibitive issue for me.  If i cant copy/paste it, i feel dirty.

So, when i type it in to a new Remote Server, i add in a batch file on my desktop with this code in it.  I can simply execute it form the desktop now, whenever i have this issue.

Try it out.  It has been a great help to me.


Rob said...

Nice tip! Thanks for sharing.

Chris S. said...

What does this do exactly? Looks like it kills a process with a certain user, then starts it again. Am I right? Does it do more than that?

Jake said...

Brilliant, I wish I found this blog sooner and saved myself some head scratching.

Plamen Grozdanov said...

Thanks! Just to confirm that this works great (both the command line and the idea to store it in a batch script and use it later, when needed)