Friday, January 16, 2009

Words Words Words and Wordl

A few folks have been putting up Wordl images about their blogs.

I saw this a while back, and our family put in a bunch of words that were important to us. Goals, interests, and so on. We came up with some interesting word jumbles that described our family. After it was generated, I had no idea what to do with it, but it was sure fun to do anyways.

So, I plugged in my blog to Wordl to see its result. I was expecting to see some words in there that I did not see. And some were more prominent than I expected. Odd. But like any good report, it only shows what it can show. Reality. So, here it is... my blog Wordl representation.

Blog Wordl

So, this got me to thinking, what about twitter? What about my hobby blog? What about my live space that has family trips recorded in it? What about my resume? What about... what other things can we think of that we can use this word jumble on?


Hobby Blog

Live Space


All Articles I've written

Scary stories I wrote the past 2 Halloweens

Google results of searching my name


SweetMum said...

Beautiful. Interesting. Thanks.

Christy said...

I don't think I've seen those before. Very cool wordl's! love ya!