Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twitter Rocks or how Data tweeted me

Today, after lunch, I had the need to do some research on a Replication issue we are facing at work. So, I did a couple google searches. I found my way to BOL from Microsoft on the command, as well as an article on SQL Server Central. Both of which were great assistance to me. However, I had the need to communicate with humans to see their experience. So, I looked at my Instant Messenger, looking for a DBA buddy that has a lot of experience with Replication. He was not online at the moment. So, there I sat, with questions and concerns and no where to turn.

That's when I remembered Twitter. Yeah, I use Twitter a lot. I tell my tweeps that I am at the gym. I tell them some random thoughts as they cross my mind. I recently quoted a U2 song via Twitter. I'll often send out random tweets about random things. But I tend to forget the reason I joined Twitter. It was to link up with fellow DBA's and gain from their experience.

So, I posted the question. Almost immediately I got a couple responses and follow-up questions. A dialogue ensued between a few Tweeps (@SQLFool, @SQLDBA). I was able to glean from their experiences and lend them to my own. This is one of the amazing things that come out of a simple question on Twitter.

Later that night, I was showing this off to my wife, amazed at the power that resides here. Not long after showing off Twitter, I received a random tweet from someone not of the DBA world. A while back, I started following @BrentSpiner and @LevarBurton, from StarTrek fame. It's been interesting to see into the tweets of these celebraties. So, a tweet comes across my screen from @BrentSpiner about work he is doing. I respond with a question. I have responded to tweets from both these folks, but never expected a response. @BrentSpiner has nearly 18000 followers. Since he mentioned working with other folks in show biz, I had asked him what his favorite Celeb encounter was. And he responded. There I sat at home, staring at my computer screen with a tweet from Data from StarTrek. How cool is that? Of course, I could only sit for a bit, before I ran upstairs to tell my wife how cool that was. I'm sure I'll pull this little gem out on various times and show off that @BrentSpiner responded to me.

The best thing about twitter is making connections. Not all the tweeps you follow will talk to you. Just like you will not talk to all the tweeps that follow you. But here and there, a connection will be made. A thought shared. A joke told. And maybe you too will have an encounter that can become a story to tell others. Maybe Twitter will help you out or just raise your mood. I goto bed tonight having spoken to Data from Star Trek. Just once. Briefly. But Twitter Rocks!!

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Sweetest Of All said...

I love you. But man you're a nerd. Still love you!